our approach

We consistently maintain a systematic and process driven approach for each of our conversion projects.

With higher costs associated with local data capture and mark-up, many organisations look to minimise costs by turning to offshore service providers.

eGloo has an established track record of working with offshore service providers. We can match the most suitable provider to fit the size and complexity of your project while managing it from start to finish.

This tried and tested methodology includes:

  • Data analysis that includes workshops with relevant stakeholders
  • Specifications and plans that relate to the project inspection, migration, mapping, quality assurance and acceptance of data
  • Preparation of scripts/processes and conversion of data as detailed in the requirements and specification documents
  • If not a one-off conversion, implementation and integration of scripts/processes to client internal systems
  • Overall testing of conversion scripts/processes
  • Quality Assurance of converted data based on ISO 2859-1