XML Editor for creating and updating structured documents that enables a seamless path to multi-channel publishing.

Efficiently automate and streamline publishing processes from XML standards (DITA, S1000D, Docbook) and custom XML to HTML5.

X-platform, device independent browser based eReader that allows users to read and interact with industrial-strength documentation in the cloud.

Joint Webinars

Adobe: Auto Publish to tekReader using FrameMaker

JustSystems: XML Publishing Fast & Easy with XMetaL and tekReader

Please visit tekreader.com to watch a short video describing the tekReader solution, test drive showcase documents, read case studies and request a demo.

"Notes can be added, edited and deleted. Bookmarks can be inserted and removed"

"Use web metrics to track reading behaviour, analyse to create better documentation"

"Enter and retrieve search terms and store them in history"

"Use device & browser functionality to get the most out of tekReader"


  • is a cross platform, device independent HTML5 eReader
  • is a secure and flexible managed document delivery model in the cloud
  • reduces distributions issues and publishing overheads while improving time-to-market
  • streamlines documentation compliance issues
  • has an intuitive, clean and easy-to-use UI that responds & adapts to any screen/browser size
  • allows access to professional, high quality documentation through friendly URLs
  • has offline storage capabilities, a scalable vector graphic (SVG) viewer and complex table rendering
  • publishes equations and in multiple languages (includes Arabic right-to-left)
  • includes APIs for easy integration and communication with other web platforms
  • includes an administrative portal
  • tracks and reports on user metrics

"Zoom and traverse large wiring diagrams using the SVG Viewer"

"Improve workflow by ordering parts directly from tekReader"

"Use a document specific dictionary or glossary"

"Collaborate and share through social media networks"


  • is a desktop utility tool
  • publishes structured content to tekReader in the cloud
  • has an intuitive UI that provides content publishing options
  • collects, aggregates, organises and assembles content
  • validates against various DTDs/Schemas with QA checks along the way
  • extracts and re-factors graphics for the web
  • generates ancillary files and IDs
  • controls auto-numbering on headings, figures and tables
  • controls who can publish through authentication and authorisation methods
  • round-trips content back to tekAuthor
  • can be customised and extended to cater for corporate publishing needs


  • is an HTML5 authoring application
  • uses simple content models that support any document structure
  • assists in decreasing downstream publishing complexity and costs
  • enhances overall accuracy and consistency for valuable documentation
  • is the first step in an end-to-end fully automated and streamlined publishing process
  • supports XML standards (DITA, S1000D and DocBook) as well as custom XML
  • supports MathML for equations
  • supports tables through the Oasis Table Module
  • supports multiple languages through Unicode
  • provides multi-channel publishing capabilities