tekSuite is a combination of products that provide an immediate end-to-end publishing solution for individual or team authoring envrionments. The tekSuite products include:

tekSuite for Individual Authors

tekSuite for Individual Authors consists of tekAuthor, tekPublish and tekReader. This combination provides a perfect solution for individuals, or small groups of technical writers.

tekAuthor is an XML application for authoring that was developed using Adobe® FrameMaker®. tekPublish is a desktop utility for publishing structured content.

Both tekAuthor and tekPublish are downloads but when combined are capable of publishing technical documents to tekReader in the cloud. This model promotes self-publishing and has been developed with a strong emphasis on ease-of-use for end-users.

tekSuite for Authoring Teams

The new inclusion to tekSuite is PageSeeder. PageSeeder has been developed by our in-house partner Allette Systems and provides a 2-in-1 web based application for hierarchical authoring and team collaboration.

PageSeeder brings together authoring teams within a cross-functional, role and context dependent web environment and adds peer-to-peer review, annotation and workflow capability to assist with the delivery of mission-critical documentation.

Content created and updated in PageSeeder can be published directly to tekReader in the cloud.

tekSuite for Authoring Teams enables us to provide a true Software as a Service (SaaS) platform for the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) market.